Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exploring Generational Differences in Disclosures

By now you should have received your September/October issue of Disclosures, packed full of information for students and articles on accounting education.

In the cover article,
"Generation Trap," VSCPA member Clare Levison investigates how different generations in the workplace approach issues like advancement, technology and family. She adds a personal touch to the article by including a quick interview with a coworker who has worked at Clare's company for 57 years.

A special shout out to Brian Kush, who's article,
"Passing the CPA Exam: More Than Just a Test," was picked up by AccountingWeb. As of today, more than 2,000 online readers had checked it out!

In the hopper: The VSCPA Editorial Task Force met in late August, and the 2010 Editorial Calendar is in development. You can expect lots of new topics covered in the magazine next year, from environmental sustainability to communication skills.

Feedback or thoughts? Give me shout.

Friday, September 18, 2009

CPA Day of Service Unites Hundreds of CPAs Through Volunteering

Today has been an amazing day. Not only was it the final weekday of Virginia CPA Week, but it was also the first-ever CPA Day of Service. More than 500 CPAs all around Virginia took the time to volunteer for organizations in their communities today. And that number represents just those CPAs who signed up to volunteer. I’m sure the number of volunteers, in reality, was much higher.

This afternoon, I worked alongside the Richmond Chapter of the VSCPA at the Central Virginia Food Bank for a bit. While we were there, The Roseline Group was working in the kitchen down the hall and Yount, Hyde & Barbour dropped off an impressive amount of food their firm has been collecting. The VSCPA staff also donated 169 pounds of food and approximately $500 in cash to the Central Virginia Food Bank this afternoon in honor of CPA Day of Service.
Immediately after, I headed to the
Ronald McDonald House in Richmond, where volunteers from Clifton Gunderson were painting, doing yard work, organizing food supplies and cleaning.

It was a great feeling knowing that CPAs all across Virginia were giving back today through CPA Day of Service. I’m so proud of Virginia CPAs and the firms and companies that supported this volunteer event.

Check out photos from the Day of Service, and be sure to e-mail us your photos so we can add them to the collection! And check out the list of volunteers (that we’re aware of) and the organizations they served.

Thanks again, everyone! I look forward to next year’s event.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Virginia Certified Public Accountants Week!

Yesterday, I spent time promoting the CPA designation in our nation’s capital. In my opinion, it was the perfect way to kick off Virginia CPA Week.

I addressed U.S. Department of Defense employees regarding the importance of seeking a professional designation or certification — with particular emphasis on finance professionals becoming Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

My message? That CPAs are state-certified professionals who serve the public by providing sound, reliable financial counsel. That those who achieve the CPA designation are held to high standards of ethics, financial and business acumen, and professionalism. That both companies and the public know they can turn to CPAs for sound financial guidance and accurate information. That the CPA designation is both trusted and respected.

Gov. Timothy Kaine included a similar message in his proclamation (PDF) recognizing this week, September 13–19, 2009, as Virginia CPA Week in conjunction with the VSCPA’s Centennial anniversary.

“It is fitting to recognize CPAs’ contributions to the well-being and success of citizens and commerce in the Commonwealth of Virginia and across the nation,” the proclamation states.

CPAs are so highly regarded by employers, clients, investors and the public at large, and they deserve this recognition. I am proud of Virginia CPAs, and I am proud to represent the CPA profession day-to-day.

Happy Virginia CPA Week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

VSCPA Comments on Proposed Tax Preparer Regulation

The VSCPA has serious concerns regarding potential tax preparer registration. Check out a letter the VSCPA sent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on August 31, 2009, regarding Notice 2009-60, Standards of Conduct for the Tax Return Preparer Community and Increased Taxpayer Compliance.

"The VSCPA is extremely concerned about redundant regulation and enforcement on CPAs who prepare tax returns," the letter says, outlining various requirements CPAs must already meet. "Adding an additional level of registration and regulation would only cause confusion and redundancy."

Another concern? The VSCPA believes that creating a registration requirement for all tax preparers could give the public the impression that all tax preparers possess the same level of expertise and knowledge as CPAs, adding to an already existing misconception that all accountants are CPAs.

Instead of adding a separate set of procedures and oversight, the VSCPA suggested that the IRS expand its existing procedures and regulations to include unlicensed preparers.