Friday, September 18, 2009

CPA Day of Service Unites Hundreds of CPAs Through Volunteering

Today has been an amazing day. Not only was it the final weekday of Virginia CPA Week, but it was also the first-ever CPA Day of Service. More than 500 CPAs all around Virginia took the time to volunteer for organizations in their communities today. And that number represents just those CPAs who signed up to volunteer. I’m sure the number of volunteers, in reality, was much higher.

This afternoon, I worked alongside the Richmond Chapter of the VSCPA at the Central Virginia Food Bank for a bit. While we were there, The Roseline Group was working in the kitchen down the hall and Yount, Hyde & Barbour dropped off an impressive amount of food their firm has been collecting. The VSCPA staff also donated 169 pounds of food and approximately $500 in cash to the Central Virginia Food Bank this afternoon in honor of CPA Day of Service.
Immediately after, I headed to the
Ronald McDonald House in Richmond, where volunteers from Clifton Gunderson were painting, doing yard work, organizing food supplies and cleaning.

It was a great feeling knowing that CPAs all across Virginia were giving back today through CPA Day of Service. I’m so proud of Virginia CPAs and the firms and companies that supported this volunteer event.

Check out photos from the Day of Service, and be sure to e-mail us your photos so we can add them to the collection! And check out the list of volunteers (that we’re aware of) and the organizations they served.

Thanks again, everyone! I look forward to next year’s event.

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