Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 100th anniversary, VSCPA!

It’s official! The VSCPA (originally the Virginia Society of Public Accountants, Incorporated) was chartered by the State Corporation Commission exactly 100 years ago today. Today, we celebrate 100 years of success …and counting!

The Richmond CPA Center will be full of visitors today — members stopping by to join in the celebration. This afternoon, we’re holding the official 100th Anniversary Celebration, so watch our Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/VSCPANews) and Flickr pages (www.flickr.com/groups/607760@N22/) for photos.

This occasion is all about members. The VSCPA wouldn’t be where it is today without the dedication of its thousands of members, volunteers and supporters. The organization has enjoyed 100 years of successfully protecting and promoting the CPA profession, only because members of the CPA profession have been so devoted to the organization’s mission. Thank you, VSCPA members, for making the success of your profession a priority! Clearly, it’s paid off, which is why we’re celebrating today.

In addition to today’s shindig, tomorrow the VSCPA's 100th anniversary will be mentioned on The Today Show during Willard Scott's special birthday and anniversary segment! Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, October 7, at around 8:30 a.m. to catch what Scott has to say about the VSCPA and its loyal members. Visit www.vscpa.com/Centennial/ for a complete list of recognition and attention the VSCPA received throughout its Centennial anniversary year.

And watch your mailbox! Later this month, you’ll receive a commemorative Centennial issue of Disclosures magazine featuring a 16-page timeline illustrating the Society's background, articles highlighting various aspects of VSCPA history, a recap of the year-long anniversary celebration and much more.

Finally, the VSCPA Educational Foundation has launched a Centennial fundraising campaign, with the goal of reaching $250,000 by April 30, 2009. Honor the past by securing the future: Donate to the VSCPA Educational Foundation. All contributions will support the Foundation’s programs, services and scholarships aimed at attracting future CPAs.

The CPA profession in Virginia is 100 years old today! So is your professional association. Way to go!

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