Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Technology Tip: iPad's PDF Power

By Ed Zollars, CPA

The Apple iPad has gotten a lot of press, most of it looking at the device as a consumer device. But if you have a lot of PDF based materials (manuals, reference books, etc.) that you need access to on demand in your position, the device, along with an application like GoodReader application from Good.iWare, can be the perfect PDF reference platform.

Even the base model's 16GB is enough to load up a huge library of PDF documents. The inexpensive add-on application (available in the AppStore) allows the user to organize the files in a traditional folder structure, and the entire Adobe based bookmarks/table of content can be easily accessed. The speed of the device is much faster than that of e-ink based book readers, making it a fully acceptable PC substitute for accessing this material. The real world 10 hour battery life means it's not likely to run out of power, even if you are using it all day away from a power supply.

The iPad, along with other recently released gadgets (including the flurry of Android based phones), will be part of my presentation on "Gadgets & Gizmos to Simplify Your Life" at the VSCPA Industry Conference, May 26–27 at The Williamsburg Lodge.

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