Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learn to Triage Your Workload

Now that busy season has started, CPAs are practicing the yearly ritual of cramming untold amounts of work into their days. Finding the time to get your tasks done isn’t always easy or conducive to employee sanity.

So how do you prioritize your tasks to make sure the most important ones get done? Leadership expert Michael Hyatt has a six-step method:
  1. Acknowledge you can’t do it all
  2. Accept the fact some things won’t get done at all
  3. Practice workload triage
  4. Categorize your tasks by priority
  5. Practice intentional neglect
  6. Do the next most important thing next
This method won’t work for everyone — CPAs can’t let some clients slide during tax season. But is it effective in eliminating some less-important tasks from your workload? What methods do you use to ensure everything gets done?

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