Monday, April 23, 2012

Past Leaders’ Institute Attendees Turned Future Industry Leaders

The May 4 deadline to apply for the 2012 Leaders’ Institute on June 22–24 at the Inn at Virginia Tech & Skelton Conference Center is almost here! If you’re part of the class of 2013 or 2014, we hope you’ll join us! Here’s what past attendees have to say about the event:
"Whether you know you want to be an accountant or you simply know you enjoy that field of knowledge and aren’t sure yet where your future will take you, I would recommend attending the Leaders’ Institute. In one weekend, the Leaders’ Institute brings together college students, recently licensed CPAs and experts from the accounting field from all over Virginia, to share and collaborate on experiences, interests and knowledge of the accounting profession and it truly feels like a collaboration between the students and the professionals. I recall asking some of the speakers why they attend events such as the Leaders’ Institute. Several replied that it was because they, too, learn from the students and share the same passion for the industry as the students do. Being able to spend a weekend surrounded by that kind of enthusiasm and interest will leave you feeling full of hope and possibilities."

— Sara Crabtree
    Graduate Student, Old Dominion University
    2011 Leaders’ Institute Attendee

"Networking. It's not WHAT you know, but it's WHO you know. I hear this statement in just about every event, meeting and lecture I attend, and I rapidly learned early in the interviewing process just how true this statement is. By attending the Leaders' Institute, not only did I make friends with other student accountants all over Virginia, but I also met numerous CPAs and accounting professionals who offered their advice, discussed internship and job opportunities, among many other topics.
I can hardly begin to explain how much I have come to appreciate the opportunity to attend the event. In the not quite three days that we were in Blacksburg, we learned not only the steps that we needed to take in our careers, but how to be, look and act like the professionals that we are destined to become."

— Denise Widner
Student, Bridgewater College
    2010 Leaders’Institute Attendee

"I can say with conviction that the Leaders’ Institute has been a significant catalyst in my journey to a career in public accounting. The quality of the people that I met there, both professionals and students, was exceptional. I had many conversations during the program that I continue to refer back to, and I have contacts from that weekend that I continue to communicate with currently. These resources have helped to carry me forward as I prepare for the next step, and I believe that every accounting student with the desire to succeed as a professional should make every effort to participate in this amazing program.

The Leaders’ Institute provided me with a multitude of opportunities that I never would have had otherwise. From a mock interview with the managing shareholder of a public accounting firm to an etiquette dinner with the one and only Kathleen Harvey Harshberger, the program was truly unique and invaluable."

— Matt Richards
    Student, Old Dominion University
    2011 Leaders' Institute Attendee

The 2012 Leaders' Institute takes place on June 2224, 2012, at the Inn at Virginia Tech & Skelton Conference Center. Applications are due by May 4, 2012. For more information and to apply, visit

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