Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Blogger: How Many Chapters Does the VSCPA Need in Northern Virginia?

By Sean O'Connell, CPA

Do you think that there should be one chapter, or should there be more than one?
I am a member of the "Northern VA Chapter", which holds most of its monthly meetings at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church. It is a great chapter, with over 400 members, and well planned CPE and meetings. The location and time slot are great for me and a lot of other members. Geographically, when VA is on the map with its 11 chapters outlined geographically, it would appear that "Northern VA" is taken care of.
However, because of the sheer number of CPAs in the northern part of VA, I somtimes wonder if there are other CPAs, who may be interested in holding chapter meetings in Tysons Corner, Old Town Alexandria, the Pentagon, Arlington, Leesburg, or other places.
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  1. Given the large number CPAs in Northern Virginia and the significant travel times between seemingly nearby locations, I believe active exploration of this question is more than appropriate.

    By "active" I mean, gather information, determine what any problems and/or opportunities might exist, identify alternatives, determine costs and benefits of each alternative, and make a decision. I do not mean, talk about it a lot without actually doing something.


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