Thursday, January 17, 2013

CPAs and the Fiscal Situation

The VSCPA is pleased to present its interview with three CPAs who have taken the initiative to educate the public on the federal budget deficit. VSCPA member Ed Mazur, CPA, and fellow CPAs Ernie Almonte, CPA, and Dave Walker, CPA, have all held government positions and have firsthand experience with governmental fiscal issues.

Watch a video interview with Mazur and Almonte below, then help spread the word yourself. The VSCPA's Fiscal Responsibility Resource Center contains myriad reports, whitepapers and other resources related to the issue. That includes two PowerPoints to help you spread the word to civic organizations and other groups.

CPAs have the training and expertise needed to make sense of the federal government's fiscal situation. Use these resources to help you educate others.

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