Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great news to start off the new year! As of December 30, 2009, the VSCPA’s retention rate was 95.39 percent, up from last year’s rate of 94.02 percent. As the VSCPA’s membership year ends April 30, that rate could potentially increase.

What’s more, the VSCPA’s retention rate is exceeding industry standards. According to 2009 data published by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) & The Center for Association Leadership, the mean retention rate for individual membership organizations is 83 percent, and the median is 87 percent.

It’s important to bring new members into the fold, but equally important to ensure members return year to year. The high retention rate indicates members are satisfied with their overall membership experience and find value in maintaining their membership, which is good news for the organization. The stronger the membership, the greater the impact the organization can make.

Due to recruitment and retention efforts combined, this community has hit an all-time high — 8,900 members! That’s cause for celebration!

Through a commitment to research and gathering member feedback, the VSCPA continuously strives to ensure members’ needs are being met. If you have feedback on VSCPA programs, services or events, never hesitate to contact any of us directly with your thoughts.

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