Thursday, January 20, 2011

Take Action: Help Protect the Financial Literacy Graduate Requirement

Three bills currently being debated at the Virginia General Assembly would delay implementation of new graduation requirements, including the standalone economics and personal finance course — a course our students need now. The grassroots advocacy efforts of VSCPA members were instrumental in the passage of the graduation requirement in 2009, and now we members' help to protect it.

HB 1554 and HB 2378 have been assigned to House Education Sub-Committee: #1 Standards of Quality, which meets Tuesday; and SB 810 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Education and Health, which meets Thursday. The VSCPA expects all three of these bills to be discussed as early as next week.

Contact your representatives today, especially if they sit on one of these committees, and ask them to oppose these bills.

It's easy to help! Click here for more information on the topic, quick links to your legislators' contact information, an e-mail template, talking points and more.

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