Friday, August 9, 2013

The Global Internship: Introduction

Editor's note: This is the first in a series of blog posts from VSCPA student member Shannon Case (below), a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Look for more posts in the coming weeks detailing Shannon's experience as an intern in KPMG's London office.

By Shannon Case

I knew early on in the recruiting process that I wanted to work for KPMG, but what I didn’t know was that in a few months they would be sending me on the trip of a lifetime!  I first met KPMG when I attended a “Meet the Firms” event at Virginia Commonwealth University.  I realized early on that I connected well with the firm and that it would be a great place to work.  After only speaking with Pete Bartok, KPMG’s recruiter, for a few minutes, I felt as if I had known him much longer and by the end of our conversation, I was really excited about the thought of working for KPMG since I knew I’d fit in well there.

After securing a domestic internship in the Richmond office, I received an email regarding KPMG’s Global Internship Program (GIP).  I recalled Pete mentioning this, and I thought it sounded like an incredible experience. I decided to apply for the GIP even though I knew the competition would be tough and honestly didn’t expect to be chosen. After completing the necessary requirements, which included an application and a written essay, I vividly remember screaming out loud when I found out that I was a finalist in the process. The next phase of the process consisted of a phone interview, which was pleasant and went very well.  A few days later, I received a call that I would be heading to London for four weeks as a global intern! I will spend half of my internship in the Richmond, VA office and the other half in London.  I am so looking forward to this amazing opportunity!

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