Monday, August 4, 2014

What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

Lifehacker has a useful flowchart from Dr. Joseph Ferrari of DePaul University, who has identified some basic types of procrastinators and identified solutions for each type.

Ferrari lists three procrastination archetypes:
  • Thrill Seekers, who say they do their best work under pressure and are "probably fooling themselves"
    • Solution: Complete a task ahead of time and "experience the thrill of finishing early"
  • Avoiders, who seek to avoid blame and potential judgment on their strengths and weaknesses
    • Solution: Keep a daily journal to help you challenge your thoughts
  • Indecisives, who are paralyzed by the potential consequences of decisions, both positive and negative
    • Solution: Keep the big picture in mind and move on once you've achieved your main goal.
It's a useful piece, and you'll likely recognize some of your own traits. (Your humble blogger, for example, is a classic Avoider.) Here's the infographic:

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